With the COVID-19 crisis, many tourism and hospitality employers have to reduce opening hours, lay off employees, or even shut down the operation completely. go2HR is here to continue providing HR and health & safety support for our industry. In this newsletter, you will find a number of HR and OHS resources that we have developed and curated with you in mind. We are also pleased to let you know that we have opened our job board to allow other sectors, such as retail, agriculture and healthcare, to post their job openings on our job board. This will help your displaced tourism and hospitality employees find temporary employment during this trying time.

On another note, we have welcomed our new CEO, Krista Bax, this week. She is replacing Arlene Keis, who is moving on to retirement after nearly 18 years in the role. Even though we are all practicing physical distancing, Krista looks forward to connecting and working with the industry in the near future.

Stay strong. Stay safe. Please let us know if there is anything we can assist the industry with.


COVID-19, Layoffs and Group Terminations

Sometimes fluctuations in your business require temporary reductions in staffing levels. Such reductions may or may not become permanent in nature.

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COVID-19 Health & Safety Resources

We have put together a collection of useful information related to COVID-19, to help employers through this challenging time.

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COVID-19 FAQs for Tourism Employers

This page will be updated frequently, to provide information to help address common HR and health and safety inquiries related to COVID-19 that we are receiving.

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COVID-19 HR Information & Updates

Information for employers related to provincial supports and contact information, EI and new employee benefits, employer wage subsidies, and more.

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Essential Job Training:

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