COVID-19 Workplace Assessment Tool for Tourism and Hospitality Employers

go2HR’s new COVID-19 Workplace Assessment Tool provides tourism and hospitality employers with information and resources to assist you in developing a robust COVID-19 Safety Plan. Our tool includes five key steps, which will help you evaluate your current set up in relation to managing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in your workplace, with suggestions on how to improve.



Restarting Operations after COVID-19 – Industry Sector Best Practice Guides

To help support tourism and hospitality employers navigate and manage the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace, several industry associations have compiled sector specific guidance, referred to as best practice guides. These guides typically contain useful information and recommendations with regard to departments, roles and job tasks that are common to the particular sector.

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go2HR COVID-19 Webinars for Tourism Employers

Tourism employers impacted by COVID-19 are preparing to reopen or expand their services and welcome employees back to work. go2HR is pleased to offer the following informative and practical webinars focused on key areas of human resources, health and safety and customer service, within the current COVID-19 context.

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How to Budget for Training and Access Funding

The cost of your training program will depend on the type of training you require. Many different types of training exist, each varying widely in cost. Before you choose one, know what results you are after. Then, select the training activities that best fit those results and your budget.

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Are you Reopening and Need to Hire Staff?

As you prepare to ramp up operations or reopen your business, you may need to hire staff again. Remember to post your jobs for FREE on go2HR's Job Board.

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Upcoming Webinars

Add your event(s) to the go2HR calendar! If you have a hiring fair, conference, workshop, or other event that would be of interest to the industry or job seekers, submit it for consideration and we will post it on our website and promote it on our channels.

Essential Job Training:

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