JULY 2019

Hot Off the Press: BC Tourism Human Resources Strategy 2019

We are pleased to announce that the 2012 BC Tourism Labour Market Strategy has been updated. The BC Tourism Human Resources Strategy (THRS) 2019 focuses on the importance of the “human element” in successfully delivering the visitor experience. Once implemented, the THRS 2019 will address our industry’s unique labour market pressure points and challenges.



Sun Safety: What Employers Can Do to Protect Workers

For many BC tourism and hospitality employees, summertime means working outside. Whether that involves serving food and drinks on a patio, maintaining a golf course or operating an outdoor adventure park, everyone working outside needs to be aware of the safety hazards. This article explores how to keep workers safe from summertime hazards.

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You can find more information on protecting workers from sun exposure and heat stress via this short video.

Stretch Your Training Budget with Employer Training Grant

Did you know that all employers operating within BC in the private and non-profit sectors are eligible to apply for the BC Employer Training Grant? Did you know that the grant potentially covers 60-100% of your staff training? If you are planning staff training in programs and certifications such as SuperHost, take advantage of this grant!

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How Do You Recognize and Reward Your Team?

Satisfied, dependable and productive employees make business happen. To attract, recruit and retain good employees, fair and respectful treatment is a given. Employees who do not feel valued and appreciated will either contribute less effort as time goes on, or leave for greener pastures where they will be appreciated. Here are some tips on offering staff recognition and rewards.

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Upcoming SuperHost Foundations of Service Quality Classroom Training

Add your event(s) to the go2HR calendar! If you have a hiring fair, conference, workshop, or other event that would be of interest to the industry or job seekers, submit it for consideration and we will post it on our website and promote it on our channels.

Essential Job Training:

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